Wearing Over The Knee Boots

by Hannah Heikkinen on January 22, 2018

I'm a lover of all boots, and over the knee (OTK) boots are no exception! Now, tall black boots might be having you envision more Pretty Woman then sophisticated at the moment but I'm going to show you a couple ways I like to wear them.

If you live in a small town like me you might be wondering when and where you'd ever wear such boots. People might even stare! You're darn right they are going to stare. They are going to stare because they wish they were as stylish and daring as you are! Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone with fashion. Take a chance, you might like it :) If you are a little wary, you can always test the waters with one of the more casual outfits I put together. It's easy, I promise!

I'll start with a super easy style. 1 pair of OTK boots, 1 pair of skinny jeans, and 1 long black tee. Add some cute earrings and that's it! You're ready for whatever the day may bring you.

Black OTK Boots $44.00
Dark Wash Skinny Jeans $42.00
Black Long Sleeve Tee Similar $69.99


For another easy going look, I threw on a cute bull head duster.

Black OTK Boots $44.00
Dark Wash Skinny Jeans $42.00
Long Sleeve Black Tee Similar
Bull Head Duster $42.00


The next look would be for a fancy evening. Show up in style in this number!

Black OTK Boots $44.00
Velvet Choker Dress $45.00 


The last style is with a cozy oversized knit dress. This sweater dress is so warm and comfortable. No need to be wearing a super tight dress to look cute!

Black OTK Boots $44.00
Oversized Sweater Dress similar


A couple last tips & tricks for you!
  1. Look for boots with zippers by the ankle for ease of use getting on.
  2. Laces in the back are helpful for fit purposes.
  3. If the boots are slouching more than you'd like, wrap the tie strings around the front and tie a blow. This helps snug them up and secure them in place.
  4. I am am on the shorter side and have more muscular legs. I have purchased OTK boots in the past that I had to return because they didn't have any laces in the back. They made my legs look super chunky so now I stick with boots that I can tie and fit to my leg. 



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